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AUS.NFT Guests 

James Rowdy
Web3 Innovator 

Mulga The Artist
Aussie Artist Icon

Max Harrison / Max Strategies 

Samira Tollo / Elbaite Founder 

Future Art
Web3 Art  

Content King

Scott Marsh
Aussie Artist Icon 

OSHI Gallery Crew
NFT Gallery & Artist Community

Ash Van Der Spuy 
Jubi DAO Founder 

Musicians Making a Difference 

Renee Lousie / Shes Crypto Savvy

Pink Flamingo Social Club Crew

Boi King Koi / Pixel Bands
Music NFTs 

Danielle Weber 
Web3 Artist 

MikeyBabe / Good Ideas Studio 

Dan Tauhore / Dao Master Labs 

Matt Hooper / AUS DEFI / Fresch AU

Third Wave Cafe / NFT Cafe 

Rebecca Grugan / I AM Montessori  Founder 

Jack Megraw / Web3 Musician

Chris Fish / Web3 Project Founder 

Beefy Blokes Crew / Web3 Project 

Daniel Monge / NFT Melb Founder 

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