The story so far

Our founders Peter Frost and Joshua Farrugia were born and raised in Sydney, Australia. They have been friends for over a decade and have been involved in cryptocurrency and DeFi since early 2017. They knew fairly early on that they wanted to shift their outlook to the crypto space full time, and NFTs have provided that opportunity. 

Peter is a builder, and maker of things awesome. Construction engineer and project manager, people motivator, business professional, blockchain and gaming nerd and lover of all things biohacking. Kid at heart that believes purpose before profit raises the tides for all ships. Curious, persistent and ambitious, whose goal is to ultimately change society for the better through NFT’s & blockchain. The passion is to empower our community, and shift from HODL’ing as a meme, not absolute reality, to empowering our community to shape the future of web3 reality, privacy, and decentralisation.

Joshua has been involved in the hospitality industry for over 15 years in both Sydney and Amsterdam. An experienced event coordinator, content creator, marketing director, bar manager and DJ, Josh is aware of how NFT strategies can assist with building a brand's digital identity from a grassroots perspective. While living in The Netherlands, he founded a sustainable clothing label and co-founded a branding agency, which led him to NFTs in 2020. His passion lies in building utility based NFT strategies for local brands and artists, with the goal of creating deeper connections and stronger communities.

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