Our NFTs

Below you will find all the NFTs that we have launched in collaboration with our partner brands. Some are available for free, and others will require payment via a platform such as Opensea.

Bottega Made Vintage Couch NFT

Based in Sydney's Inner West, @bottega_made is a garment manufacturer, printer and innovation hub all bundled into one creative space. They jumped into the space with a free NFT, a 3D render of a one off armchair they crafted from over 55 vintage garments.

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An irl and digital art collection by Rebecca Grugan featuring acrylic paints and ceramic sculptures inspired by emotional intelligence and the complex and exciting role that it plays in our everyday lives.

The solo exhibition is open from 5th to the 30th October 2022 at Kaye West Studios in Camp Hill Brisbane.

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Unannounced NFT Project (Drops 16 June 2022)

We have teamed up with Sydney visual artist Jesse Vega to create an NFT project supporting a local music artist.

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