Welcome to AUS.NFT

Welcome to our Web3 native community. Lets connect and grow in Web3.


  • Introductory Playbook

    Everything to help you get started in the Future of the Internet: Opportunities, Applications, Case Studies and How To's to help you get started today.

  • NFTs are for everyone Podcast 

    Every week we bring you the best and brightest creators, builders and investors, sharing insights, knowledge and actionable steps to get involved in web3 today.


    Understand Web3 Culture and how to build your core values and perspective within your community.  Learn how to grow your community around these values, and attract the right members to your purpose.


    Establish, build, and grow your communication channels with web3 community artists, creators, influencers and brands. 


    Create, maintain and develop a high value community that connects with your mission. Collaboration and partner with cultural brands that cultivate energy and  empower your community members to co-develop growth and engagement.