What We Do

Welcome to AUS.NFT, Australia’s first dedicated NFT ecosystem. 

Our primary focus is on building a trusted platform for innovators to have a voice with, the goal of creating a decentralised community of like minded builders, brands, artists and investors. 

The concept of AUS.NFT arose in mid 2021. These were the early days of NFTs where digital creators were catapulted to stardom, Crypto Punks became Mona Lisa's and Apes reigned supreme. While exhilarating, we soon realised that to add value to our community, we needed to shift our attention to utility based projects and away from hungry animals and angry misfits. Our mindset is exclusively long term, with a focus on forward thinking projects, groundbreaking innovators, and next gen investors.

Phase one of AUS.NFT will consist of roundups and podcasts pertaining to Australian NFT projects, builders and artists. We will also provide a knowledge base for our community to actively learn and independently navigate the market safely, securely and ideally, profitably. Phase two will see the onboarding of Australian brands and artists into the NFT ecosystem, extending their digital identities and allowing them to harvest deeper connections with their audiences. Phase three will ultimately facilitate the creation of a decentralised community that will thrive off cross promotion and reward participation. More on this soon. 

We are beyond excited to be building the ecosystem that bridges NFT technology and Australia’s local community, and hope you are too. Follow us on your favourite social media channels to stay in the loop.