Top 25 NFT Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

Top 25 NFT Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

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If you're interested in getting acquainted with the NFT space, we recommend jumping on Twitter and getting amongst the action. Here is our curated list of noteworthy trend-setters and influential thinkers worth a follow right now. You can also find this list on our Twitter here.

Aside: It is important to keep in mind that the development and interactions of Web3 technology, such as NFTs, is not a single entity exercise. This space incorporates a wide range of experts, where knowledge is shared, analysed, criticised and developed. The list below is by no means extensive, but serves as a good foundation on building your Twitter network.

Let's dive in.


Adam McBride

Adam is an OG NFT collector with a deep knowledge of the NFT space. He has worked on various token experiments since 2011, and explores the non-currency use cases of cryptocurrency technology, such as digital ownership via NFTs. Adam’s tweets dive deep into NFT’s, discussing their historical significance, cultural relevance and rarity mechanisms.


Zach is a blockchain analyst who dissects projects publicly and evaluates their authenticity and safety. His Twitter page is an excellent resource for on-chain investigative techniques, strategies and safe navigation within the space.

Cozomo Medici

AKA the one and only Snoop Dogg, Medici is quickly becoming known as a connoisseur of fine NFT pieces and an innovator in the space. 


Willie the Degen

A prolific Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) holder, Willie uses a high level of crypto jargon which may be off-putting to newcomers, however this account remains valuable for those interested in BAYC and how the project came to be one of the most influential in the space.

Alex Becker

Becker is a popular Youtube creator, founder of digital marketing analytics company Hyros, biohacker, crypto and now NFT influencer. He also co-founded an NFT project called Neo Tokyo which is definitely worth a look. He is cheeky but straight to the point, certainly worth a follow.

Strudel Pastry

This account is an excellent source for exploring Web3 philosophy and ideas.


Good alpha comes to those that read and vibe. 


Devin Finzer

Co-founder and CEO of Opensea, the largest NFT marketplace on the planet. Also publisher of the NFT Bible, a deep dive into the machinations behind NFT technology.

Nayib Bukele

President Bukele of El Salvador is focused on NFT and cryptocurrency application by a state government. With goals to attract cryptocurrency investment and global development into El Salvador, Bukele’s page is certainly worth keeping an eye on.


Jack Butcher

With a decade worth of experience working with multi-billion dollar brands such as Mercedes-Benz, McDonalds, and Tiffany & Co, Butcher is now shifting focus onto the emerging crypto industries and Web3 landscapes. He is also the founder of Visualize Value advertising agency.


Betty is a co-founder of Deadfellaz, a hugely successful Australian NFT project. Her page provides insight into the ways she has lead the way for innovation and entrepreneurship both in Australia and internationally. 



Mec is an innovator, content creator and educator in both the Web3 and NFT spaces, having also been involved in the build of Deadfellaz. Creative and bountiful value on every Twitter Space she features in. 


Scalynelson drops valuable insights into all things NFT's, and shares a podcast with the Looksrare Crew.


Followed by most leaders in the space, 6529 is seen as a highly respected and prolific personality within the space. An anonymous builder of an open metaverse, 6529 provides interesting threads on futurism, NFT’s and their value within society.


Hunter is an early investor into NFTs, with the page providing great industry opinions and insights.


An NFT and cryptocurrency strategist and advisor who is involved in building NFT projects. This page offers a wide lens into the shift in culture and where the space is headed.


Overfiend is an Australian artist who produces some unique and frankly haunting 3D pieces, and is an early innovator within the NFT space.


A digital art collector that provides in depth industry insights into NFTs and their potential future and influence on culture.

nft now

Publisher of NFT news, features and analysis, with a mission to empower the creators of the culture. They regularly post one of the best podcasts in the space, interviewing prominent movers like Dillon Francis and Gary V.

Bruno Skvorc

Founder of, an innovative platform for content creators to create their own NFTs.

Raoul Pal

Raoul Pal is the founder and CEO of Global Macro Investor and Real Vision, two investment strategist companies with a significant following. Thought leader and innovator in the space, he is most definitely worth watching.


Co-founder of WAGMI projects, Cirrus’ page offers great advice for alternative ways to invest in the NFT market.


Giancarlo is an ex-financial advisor who offers clear and concise explanations and tips for learning about and navigating within the NFT and cryptocurrency space. He publishes regular and relevant commentary, and is certainly worth a follow if you’re starting out.


Australian based NFT investor and consultant, Zeneca provides simplified explanations and wisdom about the space. He also founded Zen Academy, an NFT and Web3 learning platform. 

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary is a marketing monolith who runs one of the most successful marketing agencies on the planet – Veynermedia. Also founder of Veefriends, one of the most successful NFT projects of all time, Gary is focused on providing utility and value back to his community.

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